Our Values

Liberal values are under threat everywhere. Extremism dominates our political discourse.

MAGA has reshaped the Republican Party. The GOP has abandoned core principles such as free trade, fiscal responsibility, and the rule of law. These are the very values that made America great. Many on the center-right now lack a political home.

The Democratic Party also faces internal strife as the far left pushes it to embrace increasingly radical identity politics, social justice, and economic protectionism. Many on the center-left now lack certainty about the future.

The surge of authoritarian populism rising across the globe has marginalized advocates of liberal values everywhere.

This turmoil coincides with global challenges like Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and an unprecedented onslaught of Russian propaganda seeping into American discourse. Together with a dysfunctional electoral system, this scatters liberal forces across fragmented political parties and ideological camps struggling to unite.

Project Liberal exists to give a voice to everyone who holds liberal values.

We are committed to defending liberal values against extremists and authoritarians who seek to destroy them.

Liberty is universal.

Liberty is the heartbeat of human progress. Our natural rights include the freedom of thought, speech, association, worship, property, and conscience. These rights are inherent, not granted by governments. Liberals are dedicated to defending these political, civil, and economic liberties universally.

Every person is entitled to equal dignity, respect, and justice.

Every individual deserves equal respect, and this respect transcends differences in geography, language, and culture. Everyone is equal before the law because of our shared humanity and should be free from any form of discrimination or privilege.

Truth exists, and it matters.

A civil society depends on a mutual understanding of truth. Honesty among leaders, institutions, and individuals is essential. Misinformation, dishonesty, and deception should be rejected in all forms.

Freedom of speech includes the speech of those with whom we disagree.

Freedom of speech must include the speech of those we oppose. Debate and open dialogue are crucial for a thriving and vibrant democratic society.

Free markets create prosperity.

Voluntary exchange between free people creates prosperity for everyone. Interventions in the market often do more harm than good. These include price-fixing, banning of products, and subsidies.

The church and state must always remain separate.

To ensure individual liberty, the separation of church and state must be absolute. Those who seek to impose their religious values on others via the threat of government must be condemned. This protects the integrity of both our religious institutions and our political systems.

Liberal democracy must be defended.

The will of the people must always prevail, and democratic systems should be as representative as possible. Liberal democracies always have a right to defend themselves against aggression to maintain global peace. Liberal democracy must be defended from threats both domestic and foreign.

We should be optimistic about the future.

The world is better now than it has ever been in human history. The pursuit of an even better future starts with the belief that it is possible. Defending human progress is just as important as visualizing an optimistic future.

Legitimate authority can only be derived from consent.

All authority, both public and private, must be derived from consent. Those who hold power must always be held accountable to the people their decisions impact.

The Constitution must be defended from threats on both the left and right.

The Constitution must be defended against extremism from any political direction. Upholding the rule of law is paramount. Without it, all prosperity and progress will be lost.

Equality of opportunity is always preferable to equality of outcome.

The pursuit of happiness requires an equal shot at success. Opportunities should be available to everyone equally, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other identity. Equality of outcome, however, is an impossibility that often enables illiberalism regardless of the intention.

Climate change is real and can be solved with market innovation.

Man-made climate change is real and is best addressed with market-driven innovations. This includes nuclear power, which remains the cleanest and most powerful energy option.

Society thrives where there is diversity.

The expression of diverse cultures, ideas, and perspectives should be celebrated and encouraged. Progress is most likely to emerge from a society that embraces a cosmopolitan and egalitarian outlook and views peaceful cooperation as foundational.

Science is a profound force for good.

Our commitment to improving the human condition is grounded in science and rational thought. Embracing technological and scientific advancements is key to fostering health, prosperity, and progress for all.