Liberalism brings prosperity freedom representation health literacy clean air innovation liberty peace tolerance happiness wealth .

We are driven by a passion for liberal values and a deep-rooted belief in the power of ideas to shape the world for the better.


Cultivate an ascendant liberal identity, popularize liberal values, and build a strong coalition to combat extremism and authoritarianism in American society.


An America where liberalism—an ideology centered around freedom, markets, and democracy—shapes the national discourse while extremist and authoritarian views are relegated back to the fringes of society.


Joe Walsh

Former Congressman and Talk Radio Host

Andy Craig

Director of Election Policy at the Rainey Center

Shikha Dalmia

Founder at the Institute for the Study of Modern Authoritarianism

Joe Bishop-Henchman

Executive Vice President at the National Taxpayers Union Foundation

Joshua Eakle

Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder


Jason Pye

Former Senior Policy Advisor, FreedomWorks

Thomas Howes

Founder, The Reagan Caucus

Helen Pluckrose

Founder, Counterweight

Tyler Syck

Founder, The Vital Center

Rio Veradonir

Editor-in-Chief, Queer Majority


Joshua Eakle

President and Co-Founder

Tyler Harris

Executive Director

Jonathan Casey

Director of Communications and Co-Founder

Alex Shaw

Volunteer Coordinator


Our top activists and advocates, elected yearly by our members.

Shawn Huckabay

Alan Hayman

Alex Shaw

Micah Erfan

Max Marty

Jacob Repkin

Whitney Masterson

Tommy Creuzer

Trevor Best

Lauren Eakle


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