Building a Liberal Coalition Against Authoritarianism

We sat down with Shikha Dalmia, the Founder of the Unpopulist Magazine and the President of the Institute for the Study of Modern Authoritarianism, to explore what’s causing the rise of authoritarianism across the globe and discuss the best strategy to fight back against it.

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Politicians meeting in congress

On Liberal Centrism

The best way for liberal centrism to succeed is to build a centrist caucus within each of the main parties.

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histories of fear, the politics of fear

Histories Of Fear

It is precisely in response to the recent surge of authoritarian and populist movements across the globe that Peckham and Kahan seek to historicize the politics of fear, so as to comprehend its implications.

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Technoliberal Estonia

Estonia is renowned for its advanced digitalization and technological innovations. This digital prowess has led to its society often being dubbed “e-Estonia.” The hallmark of

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