Liberals stand for

free expression capitalism free movement egalitarianism democracy cosmopolitanism free trade YIMBYism electoral reform LGBTQ+ rights a strong defense limited government balanced budgets .

We’re a nonpartisan PAC dedicated to restoring, promoting, and advancing liberal values in American politics.

Our Priorities

1. Build an international network of liberals.

2. Fight extremists on the left and right.

3. Elect liberals to public office.

4. Implement liberal policies across the country.

What We Do


We are creating an international network of liberal voices.


We organize liberal activists and give them opportunities to act.


We provide resources to activists, candidates, and organizations that share our values.

What We Believe

  • The Constitution must be defended from threats on both the left and right.
  • Freedom of speech is for everyone—not only those we agree with.
  • Always be intolerant of intolerance.
  • LGBTQ+ rights are human rights.
  • The church and state must always remain separate.
  • Free market capitalism is profoundly good for humanity.
  • The best way to solve the housing crisis is to build more homes.
  • Democracy demands free and equal access to the ballot.
  • Prosperity requires the free movement of people and goods across borders.
  • Climate change is real and nuclear power will help solve it.
  • Liberal democracy is worth defending both at home and abroad.
  • To be pro-science is to be pro-humanity.

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