Liberals stand for

freedom markets democracy abundance liberty equality pluralism optimism cosmopolitanism reformism prosperity autonomy opportunity cooperation individualism diversity tolerance pragmatism inclusion harmony innovation globalization progress consensus justice patriotism agency the constitution consent reason choice civility hope compassion decency openness .

We fight to advance liberal values in an age of rising authoritarianism.

Who we are

We are an international cross-partisan coalition of liberal voices, organizations, and candidates. We advocate for freedom, markets, and democracy against authoritarians who seek to undermine them.

What we do

We are political and activist organization based in the United States. Our members defend liberal values with online discourse, activism, events, and electioneering to fight for the ideas that create a freer world.

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We are a member-driven organization and need your help to defeat authoritarianism.

We Believe In

An Abundance Agenda to tackle the Affordability Crisis

Ending the Gridlock and Saving Our Democracy

Markets, Immigration, and Free Trade

Public School Choice and Education Opportunity for All

A Clean Energy Transition that’s nuclear inclusive

Averting the Looming National Debt Crisis

Immediate Criminal Justice Reform

A Social Safety Net that’s streamlined and efficient

Legalizing Cannabis and Ending the War on Drug Users

Protecting Individual Liberty, including LGBTQ+ Rights

A Healthcare System that’s Accessible, Dynamic, and Affordable

Defending the Separation of Church and State

Fighting Authoritarianism, Extremism, and Isolationism

Defending Liberal Democracies from aggression

The value of Science and Evidence-Based Policy

Freedom of Speech, Assembly, and Thought

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